This course is suitable for anyone who needs to juggle a wide variety of tasks and activities and finds managing their time difficult or who wants to organise their days better and to feel in control of their work instead of their work controlling them.

Time management is the process of planning and having control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Ability to manage your time well can influence your success, but also your mental and physical health.

This workshop is designed to present delegates with the opportunity to consider their own situations in the light of established time management principles and to provide practical tools and techniques to overcome time management problems.

On completion of this workshop you will be able to

  • Manage yourself and your approach to time
  • Describe the barriers to effective use of your time
  • Identify your own ‘Time Stealers’
  • Use practical tools and techniques to improve your use of time

  • Be assertive when managing your time
  • Identify how prioritising assists effective time management
  • Describe and apply techniques, which can improve time management